The African Biodiversity Network (ABN) offers a unique, very African, approach to sustainability and community resilience, rooted in traditional practices through its core programme areas. The premise is that cultural and ecological diversity are intricately bound together and that only through restoring people’s strong and deep sense of connectedness to nature and all that lies within it will people in Africa find ways to be resilient and to sustain healthy ecosystems.

It is against this backdrop that this edition of our newsletter is set. Cognisant that culture is the twine that binds all our thematic areas – be it Community Seed and Knowledge, Community Ecological Governance, Youth Culture and Biodiversity- we have sourced pertinent stories from our partners to advocate for the strengthening of African culture in place of the Western culture that commodifies everything. Integral to African culture is the sanctity of Nature- the how, the why, the where, the what and the when. How things came to be. Why things occur the way they do. Where to commune. What happens when norms are broken. When to perform rituals for the welfare of the community and so on. Weaving through this mosaic is the Creation Story to be found in every culture. Our ancestors sat in caves and looked out at the night sky. They sought to explain how everything came to be, and the ultimate destiny of things. Their Story became their primary Sacred Scripture. Every human society has a unique Story that reveals the truth as gathered from their shared intuition and observation of the origin and nature of the world. The stories in this edition are part of that celebration of Nature in its entirety.