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The African Biodiversity Network (ABN) seeks to :

• Consolidate and expand an active and informed network of concerned Africans and their friends engaged in biodiversity issues on the ground

• Increase local and national capacity in Africa to protect biodiversity and community rights, and promote sustainable ecological practices.

• Catalyse African civil society and governments to take action that will protect and enhance biodiversity and local livelihoods.

The African Biodiversity Network strives to ignite and nurture a growing network of change agents working passionately at all levels, in the face of injustices and destruction arising from the current industrial development model, to enable resilient local communities to govern their lives and livelihoods rooted in their own social, cultural & ecological diversity.

We focus on indigenous knowledge, agriculture and biodiversity related rights, policy and legislation. The network pioneers culturally-centred approaches to social and environmental problems in Africa through sharing experiences, co-developing methodologies and creating a united African voice on the continent on these issues. ABN also nurtures alliances with like-minded others internationally.

Africa is at a crossroads, trying to reconcile the conservation and recuperation of its vast cultural and natural heritage and meet the many needs of a growing population. Powerful external forces continue to divert us from solutions that come from within Africa as they push for the privatisation and industrialisation of land, knowledge and biodiversity in the name of poverty alleviation. However, the solutions that we seek already lie within our indigenous cultures. The ABN is a network committed to unearthing and implementing African solutions to African problems and building solidarity on biodiversity and community rights issues on the continent.

The Gaia Foundation is an organization based in London working to inspire and support the regeneration and protection of cultural and biological diversity. Gaia is a founding member of the African Biodiversity Network and has provided organisational, fundraising, strategic advice, research, information and advocacy support. It has been instrumental in facilitating experiential learning and exchange opportunities for members of the ABN allowing them to forge international alliances.